Our Vision

The role of Piqqusilirivvik within Nunavut is envisioned as a place of excellence that enriches and strengthens Inuit culture.

We are:

  • A place that recognizes and bestows prestige upon the acquisition of traditional Inuit knowledge and culture;
  • A place to understand and learn about Inuit language, values, culture and heritage;
  • A place that represents all of Nunavut, and offers satellite programming that is accessible to all communities;
  • A place in touch with the land and the animals that live there;
  • A place to obtain personal fulfillment and direction for future life paths;
  • A place to obtain counseling and life skills management techniques;
  • A place that offers academic independence, linked to conventional education systems when required;
  • A place with a strong connection to elders and youth.
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Phone: 867-924-6044
Toll-Free: 1-866-979-7222
E-Mail: info@piqqusilirivvik.arcticcollege.ca

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